HYROX is the fitness race for everybody. If you are at least 16 years old and want to take on the sporting challenge, you are welcome to HYROX! There are four different race formats to choose from, covering every fitness level. The race has no time limits and no qualification is required to participate. Did you know that our oldest participant is 77 years old and crosses the finish line with a smile on his face?

HYROX includes a mix of eight 1km runs alternating with eight different workouts. The individual stations are: (1) SkiErg, (2) Sled Push, (3) Sled Pull, (4) Burpee Broad Jumps, (5) Rowing, (6) Farmers Carry, (7) Sandbag Lunges, and (8) Wall Balls.

The running course will lead around the workout stations. Depending on the location, athletes will run multiple laps to complete one kilometer. Both the running track and the individual workout stations are clearly separated from each other and the entrances and exits are clearly marked.

Open – take on the standard HYROX for a challenging but achievable race for everyone.

Pro – for the experienced racer, heavier weights make for a more challenging experience.

Doubles – find a partner and take on the challenge as a pair, running together but splitting the workload of the exercises.

Relay – come together with your friends or family and race the relay where each member of the team does 2 times 1 km and 2 workouts.

The divisions differ, apart from the number of athletes (single or team), in the weights and the number of repetitions of the movements in the individual workouts. The race course (8*1km) remains the same for each division. A complete overview of the requirements for each division can be found here.

Age group Singles

The age groups are determined by the age at the time of the event.

(1) U24 (16-24)
(2) 25 – 29
(3) 30 – 34
(4) 35 – 39
(5) 40 – 44
(6) 45 – 49
(7) 50 – 54
(8) 55 – 59
(9) 60 – 64
(10) 65 – 69
(11) 75 – 79
(12) 80 – 84
(13) 85 – 89

Age group Doubles

The division of the age groups is based on the average age of the two DOUBLES participants at the time of the event.

(1) U29 (16-29)
(2) 30-39
(3) 40-49
(4) 50-59
(5) 60-69
(6) 70+

Age group Relay

The classification of the age groups is based on the average average age of all team participants at the time of the event. 

(1) U40 
(2) 40+

All participants wear a timing chip around their right ankle, which is handed out at check-in on event day. The race course, as well as all workouts, are linked with timing technology, so that precise timing is guaranteed for each individual athlete. The finisher time and the exact split times of the individual workouts can be used to analyze your own performance afterwards and there is the possibility to compare yourself with other athletes worldwide and thus prepare even more specifically for the next race. This link will direct you to the “Results and Rankings” overview, sorted by the HYROX Seasons. Via the “SEARCH” button you can easily search for your final race times by entering your name.

That depends on the fitness level. The average finisher time last season was 01:32h. However, the race has no time limit: some finishers take 3 hours, while Hunter McIntyre and Mikaela Norman hold the HYROX world record at 55 and 60 minutes respectively.

HYROX is growing rapidly and is launching in more and more countries and cities around the world. The events are usually held in large indoor exhibition halls to ensure that there is enough space for the large number of athletes and to create equal conditions for all. The over 12000m2 of each event location covers 3 soccer fields! Besides the race set-up, a lot of things await you in the venue: For example the warm-up area and the recovery area for athletes or the legendary HYROXWORLD where you can discover the latest HYROX Apparel collection, the original HYROX equipment, the Puma Printing Station, as well as many partner offers. Food trucks, cool DJ music, spectator stands and gym boxes create a special vibe.

HYROX is an official sport with worldwide rankings and results, ensuring standardized and comparable scoring. Please click here to view the competition rules for the different divisions.

At each event, Head Judges share responsibility for the 8 workout stations and the running course, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and that competition standards are maintained. They are supported by a large pool of judges who keep a close eye on the action at all times.

You can easily register for an event online via the HYROX website. Here you will find an overview of all events offered in the current season. Click on the desired event, select your division and follow the further instructions. After successful booking you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order. In addition to the payment summary and the personal data provided during the booking process, the mail will contain a QR code for on-site check-in on the day of the event. You do NOT have to print this e-ticket, but can simply present it on your mobile phone. 

You have the possibility to create an account with your email address. In the account you will find an overview of your races including order confirmation and tickets. So nothing gets lost! In addition, it records your personal data, which saves time when filling out the form for later bookings. Of course you can also book as a guest. 

Important: HYROX takes place in different regions/countries. We work with separate booking systems for each country. This means that you have to create a separate account for each country for the respective events of a country. An account for your cross-country events is unfortunately not possible.

We are happy to offer a discount for larger groups. Please send an email to the local customer support team with the desired event, the billing address, and the desired number of (different) divisions. We will send you an invoice with payment terms. As soon as we have received the money, we will send you individual free codes to be redeemed on the website. Important: By sending the codes you are not yet registered! All athletes of the group have to register themselves on the HYROX website with the individual codes and with their personal data. Each participant will then receive a confirmation email, as with the normal booking.

*Please note, this discount is not applicable in the UK and Spain

Our partner Sportograf follows you during the whole race and takes pictures of your performance. Already at the online registration you can book the photo package at a pre-sale price. One day after your race we will send you an individual code for your pictures by mail. Filter on the website of Sportograf for the right event, search for your pictures and redeem the code at the end of the order process for your shopping cart. ATTENTION: The pictures are expected to be online at the Sportograf website from Monday evening after the event weekend.

If you have not booked a photo package with your ticket order, there is of course the possibility to buy your event photos directly on the Sportograf website. Just filter for the desired event and follow the instructions.

Add “Race with a Friend” to your shopping cart when you place your order if you want to make sure you start with friends or family members at the same time (that means in the same starting wave). Whether it’s a head-to-head race or emotional support – Race with a Friend makes it possible! Important: You can start together with another athlete in the same starting wave, as long as you register for the same SINGLE division (not cross-gender). Only one participant has to pay the additional fee. 

Spectators are welcome, because there is nothing better than starting in front of friends or family, right? The spectator area has been designed so your support can be close to you at almost every workout. Spectator tickets, like athlete tickets, can be purchased online on the event page of the HYROX website or on site on event day (cashless – DEBIT CARD!). Children under 12 do not need a ticket, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Online registration for athletes always closes on Wednesdays during the event week at 6pm. It is still possible to register as an athlete on site. However, we cannot guarantee that there is still space in the desired division. Payment can be made via a Sum-Up device (Debit card). The Late Entry prices apply. The online spectator registration will remain open until the event day. 

On Mondays in the event week you will receive the “Athlete Guide” by mail with all official and practical information for the race day. For organizational reasons, the divisions are divided into individual start waves (heats) and therefore start at different times. We will inform you about the time slots for the divisions in a newsletter about 3 weeks before the event, so that you can already roughly estimate when you will start and plan your arrival and departure in advance. It is recommended to be at the venue at least 90 minutes before the start, so that there is enough time for registration, a tour through the hall, the warm-up etc.. Your exact start time will be sent to you by e-mail on Wednesday before the event.

In the Athlete Guide you find the check-in time for athletes at the day of the event. For larger events, we also offer a pre-check-in the day before. If this applies to your event, you will be informed in advance. The check-in is divided into athletes and spectators check-in. In addition, there is always a separate help desk to assist you with any kind of problem. Have your e-ticket (barcode) on your cell phone (optionally printed out) ready for check-in. We will scan the code(s) and you will receive your timing chip. Please attach the transponder to your right ankle. Take care of it, if you lose the transponder we will have to charge you for the loss. You can return the chip at the finish area after your race. You will also receive a race wristband. Please wear it during the race so that the judges can assign you the correct weights.

The Technical Briefing for the Single and Doubles Divisions is uploaded on our Youtube Channel. This technical briefing explains the rules of the race and is mandatory for all athletes. So please watch it carefully. The relay teams will receive a separate briefing on site. The time of the briefing will be announced in time.

We offer a bag drop and changing rooms at every event. In the Athlete Guide you will always find an overview map of the hall, where everything is precisely marked. Please hand in only small gym bags and put all your stuff inside. HYROX is not responsible for liability for lost items. Your bag must be picked up within 1 hour after your Finish. This service is for athletes only, not for spectators. HYROX races are mostly held in exhibition halls, which unfortunately do not provide showers.

As much as we would like to make it possible: Animals are not allowed in the venues for insurance reasons and according to the house rules of the fairs.

There are several water stations on the race course: You will find them at the entrance and exit of the race course (the YELLOW arc marks the entrance, the BLACK arc the exit), as well as in the recovery area at the finish. There you will also find foodspring snacks and fruit. For safety reasons, please do not take any private beverage containers onto the track.

For each division there will be an age group winner’s ceremony for 1st-3rd place on the podium with a winner’s flag. Please refer to the Athlete Guide for individual Ceremony Times. Each HYROX finisher will receive a finisher patch at the finish line. Neither flags nor patches will be sent by post after the event.

HYROX is accessible for everyone. Send an email to the local customer service team and together we will work out how we can adapt the race for you. Your score will be marked online to indicate that you have deviated from the current movement standards.

You have the option to pull out of the race at any time. We have staff all along the course and at the different workout stations who will send medics to take care of you in case of an emergency.

Up to one week before the event, you can do changes to your participation as explained in the terms and conditions of the country in which the event takes place. Please refer to the local country page to download the corresponding T&Cs and for information on how to submit your rebooking request. Click on the REGION button in the top right menu to see all country pages.

ATTENTION: Changes are only possible within the respective region! Please note that the rebooking rules have changed compared to last season.

HYROX is designed to give your training a purpose. HYROX is ideally trained in a HYROX Partner Gym with certified trainers who professionally support you in your preparation. With our “Partner Gym Finder” you can quickly get an overview of which HYROX Gym is closest to you. HYROX also provides you with new and innovative workouts every week, which you can integrate into your existing training. For more training content, follow HYROX on social media (@hyroxworld / YouTube) – so you see: HYROX training at home is also possible!

The Physical Fitness Test gives you an indication of your fitness level and an assessment of which division is suitable for you. Please note that there are no time limits for the HYROX Race and you can register for any division without qualifying. The P’F “T is only intended to help you decide which division to choose. The test is held in hundreds of gyms each season and consists of this workout:

1000m run (outdoors or on a treadmill at 2% incline).
50 Burpee Broad Jumps 
100 Lunges 
1000m Row
30 Hand Release Push Ups
100 Wallballs (6 kg men / 4 kg women)

There is even a separate P’F”T ranking for global benchmarking! Here you can register for FREE.

Sure! You can either buy HYROX merch in our online store or get advice directly at the event in the HYROXWORLD. Special Offer: Get your merch customized directly at the Puma Printing Station in the hall! You have questions about your order? Please direct them to [email protected].

With the growing interest of gym members to prepare for HYROX events in a strong community, HYROX offers a licensing model for gyms that is beneficial for everyone: the gym owner, the members and the coaches. To learn more about how your gym can become a HYROX Partner Gym, email the local Customer Service Team and the corresponding Gym Area Manager will contact you shortly.

At each race, the top finishers in each age group qualify for the World Championships, the ultimate HYROX showdown at the end of each HYROX Season. Qualification slots are given in proportion to the number of athletes taking part. The exact number will always be published in advance in the Athlete Guide for the respective event. If you have qualified for the World Championships, we will send you an individual code by email, which will give you access to the registration form for the World Championships. The code is valid for 48 hours. Please note: This code enables you to register for the World Championships. The code is not a free code, but an access code for the sign-up. A starting place at the World Championships has, like the normal events, a ticket fee. A World Championships ticket is excluded from the regulations on rebooking. 

After the 48h deadline, the second qualification round will start. This means that qualifying places that are not accepted will be given to the next athlete in the backlog procedure. The 48-hour deadline also applies here. If a coder is not redeemed within the deadline, the starting place for the respective person will be forfeited. The validity of the code will NOT be extended. It is expected that in spring 2023 athletes who have missed their deadline will have another chance to register for the World Championships within a limited time frame (first come first serve!).

At the 2024 HYROX World Championships, all competitors will compete in the HYROX Race with Pro weights. This applies to all athletes who have qualified in the Open and Doubles categories, with the exception of the Mixed Doubles who will compete with the regular men’s (Open) weights.

In the second half of each HYROX Season there is a European Championship and the US Championships. The Championships are an open race (unlike the World Championships) that anyone can register for on the HYROX Event Page. It is only held in the OPEN CATEGORY (no PRO Division).

Throughout the season, the best athletes in the world compete for the 15 fastest times (men’s and women’s) and a place in the Elite Race at the World Championships, with the chance to win prize money! The Majors are 4 regional events that provide the first opportunities for athletes to qualify for the World Championships. The 4 Majors are the Scandinavian, European, HYROX and US Majors. Each race will host a Male and a Female Elite 15 Event. Learn more about the Majors here.

If you have any issues regarding your booking or questions in general, please reach out to our regional customer service:

Australia: [email protected]

DACH: contact form

France: contact form

Greece: [email protected]

Hong Kong: [email protected]

Italy: [email protected]

Netherlands: [email protected]

Poland: [email protected]

Scandinavia: contact form

Singapore: [email protected]

Spain: [email protected]

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Middle East: 

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