Workout of the week: VAN HALEN

Workout of the Week Van Halen

VAN HALEN is a HYROX Doubles workout, that should be completed in a 2-person-team. Just like in the HYROX Doubles competition, you run together and use the principle „YGIG“ (You Go I Go) for the exercises. This means, Doubles Team Member 1 (DTM1) works, while DTM 2 rests and vice versa. 

VAN HALEN starts and ends with an 800m run that both Doubles have to complete together. All reps for each exercises have to be completed by the team before moving on to the next exercise. It is entirely up to the team to decide the split of these reps. We recommend a split of 10-15 reps for Wall Balls, Sit Ups, Air Squats and Burpees, as well as 20 reps for the Walking Lunges. The time cap for VAN HALEN is 50 minutes.

Scaling: You can scale VAN HALEN by reducing all distances/reps by half.