Workout of the week: KNIGHT


KNIGHT is a HYROX Doubles workout, that should be completed in a 2-person-team. 

Just like the HYROX Doubles competition, use the principle „YGIG“ (You Go I Go) which means, Doubles Team Member 1 (DTM1) works, while DTM 2 rests and vice versa. 

KNIGHT is a sole endurance workout that aims to prepare you for the competition distances.

The 2-person-team needs to complete the entire distance per exercise before moving on to the next exercise. It is entirely up to the team to decide the split of distances/reps, however we recommend a split of 250 m for the Row and Ski part, as well as 5-7 reps for the  Burpee Broad Jumps.

Scaling: You can scale KNIGHT by reducing all distances/reps by half.