Workout of the week: BAKER


BAKER is a HYROX Doubles workout, that you should complete in a 2-person-team. BAKER consists of 3 parts that you should complete one after another. Between part a) and part b) aswell as b) and c) you have 2 minutes rest.

This is how BAKER works:

Part a):
Doubles Team Member 1 (DTM 1) runs 1000 m while DTM 2 does Burpee Broad Jumps. Once DTM 1 returns from the run, the Doubles Team switches exercises and DTM 2 runs 1000 m while DTM 1 does Burpee Broad Jumps. After DTM 2 completed 1000 m, the Doubles Team rests for 2 Minutes.

Part b) and c) follow the same pattern.

Scaling: You can scale BAKER by reducing all running distances by half.