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HYROX – a new training goal for your members!

The first FITNESS COMPETITION FOR EVERY BODY is coming to the US: HYROX is an innovative, holistic approach to fitness including running and natural movements combined into an unique indoor fitness competition. Up to 3,000 participants per day will complete a total of 8 x 1km runs alternating with 8 functional fitness workouts. But that’s not all, HYROX is also measurable, with the use of timing chips. Each participant will receive an individual finishing time. You can also qualify in your age group for the World Championships!


  • Acquisition of new members through the gym finder on
  • Social media slots for partners
  • Additional income by guest
  • Forming a strong and faithful community through the common goal
  • Member retention
  • Procurement of  training goals and emotions
  • Conclusive implementation of the topic “functional fitness”
  • Motivation of employees through new concept
  • Exclusive contacts to our other partners

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