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Workout of the Week Gonzalez
Workout of the Week Gonzalez


GONZALES consist of four exercises and one rest period. Each exercise has to be completed within the minute. In the first minute you complete 10-15 Wall Balls, in the second minute it’s 10-15 Cal SkiErg, third minute: 10 Single Arm Devils Press, fourth minute: 150-200m running, fifth minute: rest. Repeat this for the duration of 30 minutes. 

This is how GONZALEZ works:
Once you completed the amount of reps/cal for each exercise, you can rest for the remaining time until the next minute starts. So if you e.g. completed 15 Wall Balls within 45 seconds, you will have 15 seconds of rest until you start the next minute with the SkiErg.

We recommend about 10-15 seconds of short rest before the next minute starts - pick your amount of reps/cal accordingly.

Scaling: You can scale GONZALEZ by decreasing all reps/cal according to your needs or by decreasing the entire EMOM from 30 to 15 Minutes.