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One round of FLINT consists of 20 Cal SkiErg, 20 Burpees and 20 Cal Row. You’ll need to set a timer for FLINT, because every 2 minutes a new exercise begins. You'll complete 5 rounds (= 30 minutes) in total.

Here's how FLINT works
Minute 0-2: 20 Cal on the SkiErg
Minute 2-4: 20 Burpees
Minute 4-6: 20 Cal on the Rower

At minute 6-8 continue with 20 Cal on the SkiErg,
at minute 8-10 perform 20 burpees. Continue this pattern until 5 rounds / 30 minutes are completed.

Once you’ve completed the prescribed calories/repetitions, you rest for the remaining time. So if it takes you 1:40 for 20 Cal on the SkiErg, you rest for 20 seconds until 2 minutes are over and then continue with 20 Burpees.

Scaling: You can scale FLINT by decreasing all reps/cal according to your needs.