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World Championships

October 10, 2020
RAI Convention Center

Sign up for the WC

in Amsterdam

Dear HYROX family

we are all stuck in a place we never expected to be in and hopefully will never have to experience again. Uncertainty and hope are dominating our daily life, social contacts change and even doing sports is nothing like how we know it.
And still we want to be as prepared as possible to be ready as soon as the circumstances change again and we are allowed to work out and compete together like we are used to. Hopefully many of you take part in the HYROX Home Series #neverstopcompeting

We are delighted to tell you that the HYROX World Championships of Fitness 2020 will take place on October 10, 2020 in Amsterdam.
All participants who signed up for one of the events mentioned above received a mail with further instructions on how we proceed with your tickets.
For us, as organizers of of sports events, these are obviously tough times too.

Please believe us that we are taking the planningsĀ for next season very sensible. That is why we will offer a new form of ticket, that will give you full flexibility and still be able to support us during these times.

Above all we are very much looking forward to seeing all of you again.
Stay healthy.


Elite Wave

The 25 overall best athletes of the World Series of Fitness will qualify for what is going to be the highlight of the whole season: the Elite Wave of the World Championships.

The 25 best male and female competitors will race for EUR 5,000.
The Elite Wave race will be the last and final wave of the 2019/2020 HYROX World Series and the two winners will be crowned WORLD CHAMPION OF FITNESS.

Awards Ceremony

The WORLD CHAMPIONS OF FITNESS and all runner ups will be crowned at the awards ceremony. It will be a night to remember with all athletes who participated in the World Championships including all age group medal winners and of course the ceremony of the WORLD CHAMPIONS OF FITNESS 2020.

New Season. New Rules - World Championships

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What makes the WC special?

1. You are part of the Elite HYOSCIETY and you can participate in the HYROX World Championships

2. You will get a special World Championship Shirt from PUMA and a special PUMA Backpack.

3. Enjoy an exclusive and spectacular atmosphere with special features!

4. Exclusive Invitation to the Red Bull World Championship Party with a Ceremony on saturday night!