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Oberhausen 01

April 6, 2019

in Oberhausen

The big final of the season 01 will take place in THE MIRAI in Oberhausen – the old industrial hall is the perfect location for the closing of the HYROX Season 01! 

Start: 08:00 am



  • You can find all the start lists with timings from October on here.

  • Everyone is separated by their division and begin the competition in waves of 40 people at a time allowing for enough room in between workout stations.


  • The official event takes place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Each division will have their own start time. Your average division takes 1.5 hours to complete. One week before the event we will announce the time frames for each division The official start time will be announced 4 days before the event. It is recommended you arrive up to 2 hours before your division start time in order to allow enough time to register, warm up and go through a technical briefing.  The order of divisions are typically as follows: HYROX Women, HYROX Men, HYROX PRO Women, Pro Mens Division,Doubles Women, Doubles Men, Doubles Mixed.