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February 22, 2020
Hall 3

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in Karlsruhe

Just like every year in January, gyms all over Germany experience an indescribable boom: New Year’s resolutions and the desire to be more active are causing crowded gyms. From this day on, New Year’s resolutions can not only be rewarded but most likely continued in Karlsruhe with HYROX! Sign up at your local gym, studio, running group or a CrossFit box and become part of the HY-SOCIETY at HYROX on February 22, 2020, in Karlsruhe.


  • Yes, please click on the links below to see our Rulebooks: 

    Official HYROX Individual Rulebook 

    Official HYROX Doubles Rulebook 


  • You can find all the start lists with timings from September on here.

    Your start time will be emailed to you 4 days prior to the event. If you did not receive this email please contact the HYROX Customer Service Team: 

    North America

    Canada – 

    USA – 


    Austria, Germany & Switzerland – 

    Netherlands –  

    United Kingdom – 

  • Everyone is separated by their division and begin the competition in waves of 40 people at a time allowing for enough room in between workout stations.


  • The official event takes place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Each division will have their own start time. Your average division takes 1.5 hours to complete. One week before the event we will announce the time frames for each division. The official start time will be announced 4 days before the event. It is recommended you arrive up to 2 hours before your division start time in order to allow enough time to register, warm up and go through a technical briefing.  The order of divisions are typically as follows:

    • HYROX Women Doubles
    • HYROX Women
    • HYROX Men
    • HYROX Doubles Men
    • HYROX Doubles Mixed
    • HYROX Pro Women
    • HYROX Pro Men
  • We have further developed the Elite part of HYROX and will feature so-called Elite Races at  4 selected events next season. You can expect a live broadcast of these Elite men and female races and total prize money of $18,000 USD at each event.

    1. $4,500
    2. $2,500
    3. $1,000
    4. $ 500
    5. $ 300
    6. $ 200

    The Top 20 signed up Pro-Athlete times with a cut-off 4 weeks before the event are qualified for these Elite Races with a chance to win the prize money.

    The 4 cities are below:

    • Hamburg – 28.11.2020
    • Chicago – 23.01.2021
    • Berlin – 13.02.2021
    • San Diego – 20.03.2021

    At all other events we will not pay prize money to the best overall 3 men and women Pro Athletes, but we are working on valuable gifts for the best HYROX Athletes at these events. Stay tuned for more information.