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HYROX Frankfurt

April 23, 2022
Messe Frankfurt

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in Frankfurt

HYROX is returning to Frankfurt! Frankfurt is home to 427 clubs (including 107 football clubs) and 290 fitness centers. Plenty of potential to break a few HYROX world records!  Will the next HYROX World Champion of Fitness be found in the legendary “Mainhattan”? Known for its impressive financial metropolis skyline – home to 14 of the 15 tallest buildings in Germany! Not only does this city host the most important stock exchange in Germany and the busiest airport, but also has the largest inner-city forest in the Federal Republic. A total of 3866 hectares of the Frankfurt city forest are within the city limits and are particularly popular with runners; they can prove themselves in December – at the second HYROX event in Frankfurt! 

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  • Discounts and giveaways from HYROX partners
  • Your result time posted on the leaderboard as you compete
  • Aid stations throughout the course: pre, during and post-event
  • Opportunities to purchase professional photos of your hard work
  • And much more!


  • You can win prize money in the Pro Division at every event.

    Pro Women (Europe)

    • 1st Place: 1,000 EURO
    • 2nd Place: 500 EURO
    • 3rd Place: 250 EURO


    Pro Men (Europe)

    • 1st Place: 1,000 EURO
    • 2nd Place: 500 EURO
    • 3rd Place: 250 EURO


    Pro Women (USA)

    • 1st Place: 1,000 USD
    • 2nd Place: 500 USD
    • 3rd Place: 250 USD


    Pro Men (USA)

    • 1st Place: 1,000 USD
    • 2nd Place: 500 USD
    • 3rd Place: 250 USD

    All rankings can be found here


  • Your start time will be emailed to you a week prior to the event. 

    The official event takes place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Each division will have their own start time. Your average division takes 1.5 hours to complete. One week before the event we will announce the time frames for each division. It is recommended that you arrive up to 2 hours before your division start time in order to allow enough time to register, warm up and go through a technical briefing.  The order of divisions are typically as follows:

    • HYROX Women Doubles
    • HYROX Women
    • HYROX Men
    • HYROX Doubles Men
    • HYROX Doubles Mixed
    • HYROX Pro Women
    • HYROX Pro Men


  • Please click on the links below to view the competition Rulebooks: 

    Official HYROX Individual Rulebook 

    Official HYROX Doubles Rulebook 


  • Everyone is separated by their division and will begin the competition in waves of 25-30 people at a time, allowing for enough room in between workout stations.