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HYROX Berlin

April 4, 2020

Register for Berlin

in Berlin

Dear HYROX Family,

Your health and safety is always foremost for us, and as we expressed yesterday, we have been working on two scenarios in terms of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. We are officially postponing our Munich, Berlin and Los Angeles events that are coming up within the next few weeks.

We are actively working with venues on new dates, and once this information is available, we will provide you with an update on how to transfer your registration.


  • Please do not hesitate to contact our HYROX Customer Service Teams with any further questions at:

    North America

    Canada – 

    USA – 


    Austria, Germany & Switzerland – 

    Netherlands –  

    United Kingdom – 

    Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

  • Every participant will receive a confirmation email. As the start date of each event approaches, you will receive a HYROX newsletter with general HYROXWORLD information. 

    • One week before the event each participant will receive an Athletes’ Guide containing all important information about your HYROX event and specific event. 
    • Three days before the event, participants will receive their individual start time and official document containing the QR code necessary to present on site in order to compete.
    • After the event, each participant will receive their finisher time and a summary.
  • Up to 2 weeks prior to the event athletes can transfer the event location and change division and/or athlete competing. Simply log onto our registration platform  and log into your account. Select the event you wish to change and follow the prompts to complete your change.  

    These small processing fees associated with these changes; 


    • Change of participant competing: EUR 25.00
    • Change of division fee: EUR 15.00 
    • Transfer to another event location: EUR 15.00


    • Change of participant competing: GBP 25.00
    • Change of division fee: GBP 15.00 
    • Transfer to another event location: GBP 15.00


    • Change of participant competing: USD 25.00
    • Change of division fee: USD 15.00 
    • Transfer to another event location: USD 15.00

    If you would like to change from doubles team > singles or from a singles > a doubles team. Please email the HYROX customer service team;

  • The Top 3 Athletes from each age group and division will get a prize. The Award Ceremony will take place on-site once each division finishes. The Award Ceremony times will be included in your Athlete’s Guide. 

    The PRO Categories are eligible for prize money,  the top 3 competitors in each PRO Division will receive; 

    US Events:

    1st place: $1,500

    2nd place: $1000

    3rd place: $500

    European Events:

    1st place:€1,000

    2nd place:€500

    3rd place:€250

  • You can find all the start lists with timings from September on here.

    Your start time will be emailed to you 4 days prior to the event. If you did not receive this email please contact the HYROX Customer Service Team: 

    North America

    Canada – 

    USA – 


    Austria, Germany & Switzerland – 

    Netherlands –  

    United Kingdom – 

  • There are eleven age groups among the individual divisions and five age groups among the double’s division.

    The age groups are broken down as shown below:

    Individual Competition

    • 16-24
    • 25-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-54
    • 55-59
    • 60-64
    • 65-69*
    • 70+*

    Doubles Competition

    • 16-29
    • 30-39
    • 40-49
    • 50-59
    • 60-70+

    The best athletes of each age group will qualify for the HYROX World Championships in Berlin 2020. The final slots will be announced during the event week. Please check the athletes guides on each event page for more details!

    *HYROX Pro Division’s last age group is 65+

  • Every Body who is 16 and older can participate in the HYROX event – anyone who is participates in a sport, gym, fitness club, freeletics group or just loves to run is ideal for HYROX. It is recommended you have a fitness background or regularly patriciate in fitness activities. You should have at least a minimal fitness level. The workouts are a combination of different natural movements combined with added weights. 

    The competition is broken up into divisions of  HYROX Women/Men, HYROX Pro Women/Men and the HYROX Doubles allowing everyone who is passionate about sports and fitness to properly challenge themselves and take part in the first fitness competition for every body.

  • Everyone is separated by their division and begin the competition in waves of 40 people at a time allowing for enough room in between workout stations.


  • This will depend  on your fitness level. The average HYROX finisher time in 2018 was 1.5hours. The HYROX competition is comparable to a sprint triathlon or a fast half marathon.

  • The official event takes place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Each division will have their own start time. Your average division takes 1.5 hours to complete. One week before the event we will announce the time frames for each division. The official start time will be announced 4 days before the event. It is recommended you arrive up to 2 hours before your division start time in order to allow enough time to register, warm up and go through a technical briefing.  The order of divisions are typically as follows:

    • HYROX Women Doubles
    • HYROX Women
    • HYROX Men
    • HYROX Doubles Men
    • HYROX Doubles Mixed
    • HYROX Pro Women
    • HYROX Pro Men
  • HYROX Season 2020/2021 will take place in 7 countries!

    Here you find all events

    The competition is always indoors.


  • We have teamed up with local gyms in each city who are now HYROX licensed studios and specialize in supporting you. You can locate your closest gym in our gym finder. They offer gym classes for every body. They offer gym classes for every body. Here you can find all the details for your training.



  • There is no World Record Bonus in Season 2020/2021.

    All rankings can be found here


  • Yes, the entry is free for visitors and spectators!

  • Yes, please click on the links below to see our Rulebooks: 

    Official HYROX Individual Rulebook 

    Official HYROX Doubles Rulebook 


  • The best athletes of each age group can qualify within the individual and the doubles race for the World Championships. Each qualifier needs to make his/her decision within 48 hours after receiving the winner email. If someone is not using his race slot, the next best athlete will be contacted and get the opportunity to become the world champion!