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November 23, 2019
Messe Hamburg B6

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in Hamburg

Hamburg is often referred to as the “Gate to the World” because of  its large harbour. This title couldn’t fit any better, also in regard to fitness. The largest gym in the world opens its doors daily in the hanseatic city. The entire training area covers 15 000 square meters and the owners have a strong argument for their location: 17.3% of all residents regularly workout at the gym.

But Hamburg residents are not only actively going  to the gym. They are also very active between the sheets. They are the fourth most sexually active state in Germany. On November 3rd 2018, however, pillows will be traded for weights. Get fit and join HYROX in Hamburg for the second time around.

Get fit and lean for November 23, 2019!


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HYROX Doubles

140,00 €

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2er Team "You go, I go"


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HYROX WOMEN: 12:20-14:00


HYROX MEN: 15:20-17:50

HYROX DOUBLES MEN: 18:00-19:00

HYROX PRO WOMEN: 19:20 -19:30

HYROX PRO MEN: 20:00-20:50

HYROX-Stuttgart18-HighRes (148 von 278)

What you get

  • A HYROX participant shirt from PUMA
  • Goodies and discounts from HYROX partners
  • Your individual result time
  • Aid stations along the course: pre, during and post-event
  • USD 10 gift card for official HYROX/PUMA gear
  • Entertainment Zone with food trucks and partners
  • High energy lights and sounds


  • You can find all the start lists with timings from October on here.

  • Everyone is separated by their division and begin the competition in waves of 40 people at a time allowing for enough room in between workout stations.


  • The official event takes place between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Each division will have their own start time. Your average division takes 1.5 hours to complete. One week before the event we will announce the time frames for each division The official start time will be announced 4 days before the event. It is recommended you arrive up to 2 hours before your division start time in order to allow enough time to register, warm up and go through a technical briefing.  The order of divisions are typically as follows: HYROX Women, HYROX Men, HYROX PRO Women, Pro Mens Division,Doubles Women, Doubles Men, Doubles Mixed. 


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