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World Championships Berlin

April 4, 2020

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in Berlin

The Highlight of the season is the 2020 World Championships in Berlin!

What is special about the World Championships?

Besides a spectacular atmosphere the HYROX athletes will experience a unique journey – special goodies, price money and a World Championship Party will create a long lasting memory for all participants

How to qualify?

  • You qualify either as a Individual or as a Doubles team – all individual participants needs to take part in the PRO Division at the World Championships
  • For each event throughout the season we announce the number of slots available per Age Group and Division for the World Championships
  • Every competitor who qualifies will receive an email within 24 hours of the end of the event in which they qualify.  In this email you will receive a customized code which you will need to use for your World Championships registration.
  • Singles registration is €99 and Doubles registration is €149


Elite Wave

The 25 overall best athletes of the World Series of Fitness will qualify for what is going to be the highlight of the whole season: the Elite Wave of the World Championships.

The 25 best male and female competitors will race for EUR 5,000.
The Elite Wave race will be the last and final wave of the 2019/2020 HYROX World Series and the two winners will be crowned WORLD CHAMPION OF FITNESS.

Awards Ceremony

The WORLD CHAMPIONS OF FITNESS and all runner ups will be crowned at the awards ceremony. It will be a night to remember with all athletes who participated in the World Championships including all age group medal winners and of course the ceremony of the WORLD CHAMPIONS OF FITNESS 2020.

New Season. New Rules - World Championships

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What makes the WC special?

1. You are part of the Elite HYOSCIETY and you can participate in the HYROX World Championships

2. You will get a special World Championship Shirt from PUMA and a special PUMA Backpack.

3. Enjoy an exclusive and spectacular atmosphere with special features!

4. Exclusive Invitation to the Red Bull World Championship Party with a Ceremony on saturday night!