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Why Kameron Leardi never stops competing!

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In the spirit of our #NeverStopCompeting campaign, we are highlighting Kameron Leardi, a three-time competitor at HYROX North America events. He first competed in 2019 in New York City, and came in last place in the Men’s PRO division. Although some people might think that coming in last would mean they should give up, Kam knew that his HYROX journey could not end there! So, Kam partnered up, and competed again in both HYROX Chicago and Dallas. In Dallas, Kam and his partner came in SECOND place in the Mixed DOUBLEs division! 


Interview with Kameron Leardi, HYROX athlete about #NeverStopCompeting

Kam is the perfect example of #NeverStopCompeting, and I wanted to ask him a few questions about his HYROX journey and why he didn’t choose to give up after his first event!

CP: Hey Kam! First can you tell me what made you get into HYROX in the first place?

KL: I first learned about HYROX a few weeks before the New York event last year, the owner of my gym handed me a card with all the HYROX events on it and the venue dates and from there I knew I had to try it. Honestly the PRO Men’s wave at New York was the hardest thing I’ve ever pushed myself to do by far, it’s a great test of mental and physical strength. 

CP: We’re very excited that you decided to give HYROX a try and compete in our first NYC event! After the New York event, what pushed you to come back and compete again at HYROX?

KL: After the New York event I was proud that I finished but upset that I didn’t meet some goals I had for myself. Also, I grabbed a partner and did doubles in Chicago and Dallas. For anyone just getting into HYROX I recommend doing it with a partner in doubles. 

CP: Did you train any differently when preparing for Dallas than you had when you were preparing for NYC?

KL: Training up to my fastest time with my partner Alanna, we worked out together focusing on wall balls, sled work, and lunges. A great way I found to train for HYROX is to train hard strength half the time, and no rest circuits for cardio such as squatting and deadlifting one day then EMOM of wall balls/pull-ups another day.

CP: How did it feel when you placed second at HYROX Dallas?

KL: At Dallas Alanna and I placed 2nd overall it was for sure a great feeling, but we smashed our time from our last venue by 7 minutes which was a huge improvement. We were neck and neck with the people that beat us, they were great competitors and great people too we spoke after the race. It's game time during the event but after it’s the best feeling talking to other people about how they train and where they are from. 

CP: You obviously never gave up and pushed yourself to be better at each event. What does #NeverStopCompeting mean to you, and what advice would you give someone who is looking to give up after not receiving an outcome they might have expected?

KL: HYROX is for everyone, I guarantee if you get a squad and check out the next event just for fun or to go all out you will love it, everyone watching is cheering for you. For someone new to HYROX I recommend doubles with a partner. It's a good way to get your feet wet and have and have a good time.

Thank you, Kam, for not only supporting HYROX, but also pushing yourself to get better as time went on! We can’t wait to see how you do during Season 20/21 of HYROX!