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Season 20/21 – Interview with CEO Moritz Fürste

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Why we think big and never stop competing!

We couldn’t wait to finally launch the cities and begin registration for Season 20/21. As everyone can tell, we have expanded greatly in both the North American and European markets.

We’re so excited to travel to 9 new cities in North America, including our first event in Canada, and to 7 new cities in Europe! We’re so excited to see all the new talent in each of these places and to continue to grow our HYROX Family!

In an interview with Moritz Furste, I asked him about the upcoming Season 20/21 and what he expects as HYROX continues to expand globally.

Courtney Pursino: Going back to Season 19/20, what are the top three moments from those events, in your opinion?
Moritz Fürste: I was personally blown away by our last man standing in Chicago. Nnamdi Ugbaja just fought his way through the competition, and never gave up. He finished in over 3 hours and was still the happiest man in Chicago in that second. I also enjoyed watching the World Record being broken by Hunter McIntyre. That was pure athleticism; an amazing performance. And last but not least, I just love Event weekends. What people don’t see is the work that our team puts into those events and being part of that is just overwhelming.

Courtney Pursino: Now looking forward, why did you choose these new cities for Season 20/21?
Moritz Fürste: We chose our HYROX cities to make HYROX accessible in just a few hours for everyone from wherever you live. In the US, we planned a tour with all of our material transported through the states to minimize transportation costs due to the big distances. Furthermore, we had a look at the local fitness community and the opportunities rising from that as well as the specific gym markets. HYROX is growing and we are looking forward to many more host cities in the future of our event series.

Courtney Pursino: The current pandemic that has taken over the world is obviously something that will have a lasting impact on our world. What challenges do you foresee for next season due to COVID-19?

Moritz Fürste: These are uncertain times and there are many big struggles for people all over the world. But it is our objective to not only come back from this global pandemic with the ambition to stay healthy, stronger and with different ideas and new concepts. The world is changing, but we expect a global run on fitness events. It is our main goal to make sure that our events fulfill the high standards that we are setting ourselves. Therefore, we are working on a medical approach with leading sports-doctors to actively showcase our understanding for the responsibility that we as an event organizer have when it comes to the rising challenges of hygienic standards in the execution of an event. Furthermore, we are aware that many HYROX athletes will not get their ticket at this time, which is very problematic for us, as that revenue stream is obviously more than important. That’s why we came up with options such as Flex Tickets and Gift Cards. People can buy their ticket now and use it flexibly whenever they want. We hope to find many HYROX fans all over the world to support our beloved sport of fitness in that way.

#NeverStopCompeting is my new favorite hashtag. It’s just true. We will all come back and we will enjoy it. I can't wait!

Moritz Fürste, CEO HYROX
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CEO Moritz Fürste

Courtney Pursino:Many companies have to disrupt their business during these times. Is there anything new coming up in the HYROX World?
Moritz Fürste: We are currently also working around the clock on new ideas and formats that can support our event based business throughout the year. That’s why we also think about digitalising parts of the business. We want to create as much content as possible for the fitness community. With that being said, I mean this from all perspectives. From Health issues, medical views on our competition, psychological talks, business podcasts and online workouts. My dream is to build a HYROX TV network that brings all of this together on one Platform so that people can snack HYROX content anytime 365 days a year.

Courtney Pursino: Partner gyms have been extremely useful to HYROX in event cities. How will you get gyms more involved in Season 20/21?
Moritz Fürste: Gyms are the heart of HYROX. All our participants are in some way connected to one of the many gyms we are working with. Either as members, employees, or even owners. The range is big. Gyms will be the major playground for all HYROX athletes throughout the year. We are going to introduce a new challenge very soon that will consist of workouts that have to be done in a gym and even our sponsors are more and more raising the want to get involved with our gym partners. HYROX is supposed to be the platform where they all meet, and our gym partners will be the key component for everything that is happening offsite of the HYROX events.

Courtney Pursino: Obviously everybody in the HYROX community is excited for this next season! What are you looking forward to the most going into Season 20/21?
Moritz Fürste: I can only tell you that I just love these events. I would do almost anything to make sure that we can all be united at a HYROX event at the end of the year. I want to compete myself, I want to see new world records and people fighting their way to the finish line. #Neverstopcompeting is my new favorite hashtag. It’s just true. We will all come back and we will enjoy it. I can't wait!

We can’t wait to see you all at our events next season! Click this link to be directed to our events page where you can purchase tickets to the cities of your choice, or you can purchase a Flex Ticket if you haven’t yet decided which city you want to compete in!

Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget #NeverStopCompeting!