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We keep mentioning how happy we have been with your perseverance and dedication to our #NeverStopCompeting campaign. Not only are we proud of all of you for pushing yourself during these difficult times, but we’re grateful that you have chosen to stick with us and even welcomed HYROX into your homes!

We’ve enhanced our #NeverStopCompeting movement in a way that allows us all to spread this message, taking this idea into other aspects of our lives, not just your fitness journeys!

Lauren Kiedinger, the Director of Sports Marketing at HYROX, chatted with me about this campaign - how this will help our HYROX Family while being stuck at home, and even how HYROX plans to make this an ongoing message to our community:


CP: Lauren, in such an unpredictable time, HYROX has been able to put together this motivational campaign, #NeverStopCompeting, how did this get started? 

LK: In a time where there is so much attention on the negative, we really wanted to bring the attention back to one of the things we care about the most, and that’s the spirit of these athletes. HYROX would be nothing without them, so we wanted to show our appreciation, while encouraging everyone to keep fighting the good fight. 

CP: Other than COVID-19 being a component of the campaign, were there any other inspirations behind this idea?

LK: Absolutely. I think the idea behind this campaign was born before any of us really even knew it. I remember back in December at our first New York event, we were all standing there encouraging the last finisher at Wall Balls, and I had tears in my eyes. It sounds weird, but that feeling of a supportive community and emotion that comes with watching someone persevere is so powerful. It has to be celebrated. We’re lucky to be able to experience this at every single event.


CP: I love stories like that, and they seem to be frequently told about HYROX events! It’s such a great community so I’m sure you haven’t been surprised with the reception that HYROX has received with #NeverStopCompeting.

LK: Not at all. I’ve been counting down the days to officially share this video! It’s a perfect representation of how we actually feel when we’re standing there in those final moments. People like to feel good. They like to fight for something, be recognized for it, and share it with others. It’s in our nature. 


CP: The first round of the HYROX Home Series was great and even had a live Grand Final with the top 3 competitors from the men’s and women’s divisions from around the world. How has HYROX revamped this program to make it even better this time around?

LK: Simply put, we listened to you. After our first Home Series, we sent a survey to a mass of participants and there were some common requests and suggestions, which we’ll be applying to this upcoming Home Series. 


CP: How do you think HYROX will continue #NeverStopCompeting down the road when things are back to normal, not only in the fitness industry, but around the world?

LK: #NeverStopCompeting is, in the end, a message of resilience, and it’s more relevant now than ever. Hopefully our message encourages people to keep working towards their goals and enjoy that journey, whether it’s preparing for a HYROX event, or advocating for a cause you believe in. 

We appreciate everyone joining HYROX in the #NeverStopCompeting journey! When times get tough, it’s the community around you that inspires you to push through and come out better on the other side. HYROX’s #NeverStopCompeting campaign is one that can be carried with all of you throughout all the different obstacles you might face in life. The message is simple; never give up, and never lose sight of things that you have set your mind to! 

Click this link to watch the video which has helped all of us at HYROX get inspired. #NeverStopCompeting HYROX Family!