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What inspired us to do a second Virtual Competition?

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Mintra Tilly is Global Head of Sports at HYROX. She is an expert on the Virtual Championships of Fitness and wanted to give some helpful tips on how to properly compete based on competitors differing skill levels and a background of the competition from her point of view.

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CP: What inspired you to create a second HYROX competition and what excites you most about the VCF?

MT: During these weird and difficult times where no actual events and races were happening anywhere in the world, we wanted to give people a chance to compete. The Home Series was a great start, but we wanted to take it to the next level and include equipment workouts as well. We also wanted to give back - that's why we decided to team up Laureus Sports For Good and donate 50% of the revenue for charity. So, giving people a platform to compete while supporting a good cause to us was the perfect combination.

CP: Who can participate in the VCF? For first time participants, what would you recommend their path be for the VCF since there are two divisions?

MT: It's literally for everybody! But it all depends if you have access to the necessary equipment. In a lot of countries, gyms are still closed, which means you can’t participate in the equipment competition if you don't have the required equipment at home. And if you do, it depends on your level of fitness. For first time participants and beginners, I recommend the Bodyweight competition, for more advanced athletes, I definitely recommend the Equipment competition! However, don’t be fooled by the “Bodyweight” label, the workouts are far from easy! I can tell you this much - both competitions are challenging and fun :).

CP: What kind of movements are expected in the Bodyweight competition? What kind of movements are expected in the Equipment competition?

MT: In both competitions, we selected movements that don’t require much technique and are doable by everybody, as well as easy to judge. In the BW Competition you can expect Burpees, Squats, Lunges, Jumping Squats, Jumping Lunges, Sit Ups, (a fun variation of) Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks and Push Ups. The selection of movements in the EQ Competition is a little broader, as you might see all the movements of the BW Comp as well as Wall Balls, Devils Press, Burpee Deadlifts, Thrusters and some other functional movements. Also rowing and running will be part of the equipment workouts. It's important to know that it will be either running or rowing in a workout, never both!

CP: Which #HYROXLeague do you think will be the most intense? Are there any leagues that you would recommend? 

MT: I’m really happy about the HYROXLeague feature. This basically gives everyone a chance for a “pool position” within their own leaderboard.  What’s really cool is, that for example gyms are using these leagues as an internal member competition. There are even leagues for entire countries. From the leagues I saw so far, I think HyroxUKLeague seems like a fun one to join (even if you’re not in the UK)

CP: What inspired HYROX’s partnership with Laureus Sport for Good? 

MT: I think the way things are in the world right now, for us this just couldn’t be just about business. Laureus Sport for Good is an international charity that currently supports more than 200 programmes that use the power of sport to transform lives. One of these programmes supports disadvantaged children and teaches them the values of sport: fairness, consideration, respect and responsibility. We decided to partner with them as we believe that children literally are our future and that sport has the power to unite and create strong personalities and a strong personality is likely to have a better perspective in life.

Thank you Mintra for giving our athletes these tips! We can’t wait to see how everyone does in the competition! Good luck to all!