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THE HYROX Home Series

HYROX HOME SERIES is a 5-Week online competition for everybody. All workouts are solely bodyweight workouts and can be done at home. Participants can register for free. Through a ranking tool participants will be able to submit and upload their scores. The ranking will display individual workout rankings, as well as overall rankings.


5 Weeks - 5 Workouts
Starting Sunday, March 29th up until Sunday, April 26th.
Participants are encouraged to sign up prior to the release date of the first workout on March 29th. However, registration will be open for the entire duration of the competition. Registration is free.


The workouts are designed for all levels of fitness. No equipment is needed.
Every Sunday at 6pm UTC +1 (Berlin Time) a HYROX HOME SERIES Workout will be released.
Participants will have time to do the workout and submit their score until Friday 6pm (UTC +1). Participants will also be asked to film their workouts in case of a requested video submission.

WHere can I sign up?

You can sign up HERE. Registration is free.