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HYROX Home Series Workout #5

Finish Strong


“Finish Strong” is a 20 minute AMRAP. Meaning that after you complete an entire round, repeat the prescribed exercises and reps in order until 20 minutes are up.


Your Score is the total total rep count of all movements combined. Example: You completed 1 round plus 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 Squats and 30 Jumping Jacks. Then your score is 530


Jumping Jacks

  • Start in an upright standing position
  • Jump both your feet out to the sides so that your feet are shoulder-width apart or wider
  • As you jump your feet out, raise your arms up to the sides and overhead.
  • Your hands touch briefly above your head
  • Return to starting position by bringing arms down and feet together before initiating the next rep



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees
  • When standing back up hips and knees must be fully extended



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • Place hands close to your feet
  • In the bottom position your chest has to touch the ground, as you jump back up, your hands have to touch behind or above your head.
  • Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump



  • The lunges are alternating in-place lunges
  • Start in an upright standing position
  • One leg steps forward and initates the lunge
  • Lower yourself until your back knee touches the floor
  • Return with your forward leg to the start position and switch legs
  • Your knees and hips must be extended before switching legs


Sit Ups

  • Start in an upright sitting position
  • Your legs are bent and your soles touch
  • Each rep starts with your back and hands touching the floor
  • When you sit up reach forward with your arms, upright chest and touch your feet
  • In the upper position, your shoulders have to be past the hip bone.


Push Ups

  • Start with your arms extended in the top position of the push up
  • Lower your chest and thighs to the ground until your chest touches the ground
  • At the top position your elbows have to lock out and your arms have to be fully extended