HYROX Home Series Workout #4

Round and Round


“Round and Round” is a timed 6 Round. In each round, you add an additional exercise. Starting with 10 Burpees in Round 1. In Round 2 you perform 10 Burpees plus 10 Jumping Lunges (alternating and in total). In Round 3 you perform 10  Burpees, 10 Jumping Lunges plus 10 Tuck Ups. This framework continues until you reach Round 6.


Your score is the final time. Example: You finished in 16 Minutes and 10 Seconds. Your score is 16:10



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • Place hands close to your feet
  • In the bottom position your chest has to touch the ground, as you jump back up, your hands have to touch behind or above your head.
  • Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump


Jumping Lunges

  • Start in an upright standing position
  • One leg steps forward and initiates the lunge
  • Lower yourself until your back knee touches the floor
  • Jump up and switch legs in midair so that you land in a lunge with your other leg in front


Tuck Ups

  • Lie flat on your back with your arms above your head
  • Lift your arms and legs of the floor by engaging your core into the so called hollow position to initiate movement
  • Reach forward with your arms and bend your knees simultaneously until your hands touch your legs right below your knees
  • Lower your arms and legs back in to the hollow position
  • Do not rest the arms and legs on the floor while performing the movement


Squats Jumps

  • Start in an upright standing position
  • At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees
  • Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump


Push Ups

  • Start with your arms extended in the top position of the push up
  • Lower your chest and thighs to the ground until your chest touches the ground
  • At the top position your elbows have to lock out and your arms have to be fully extended


Tuck Jumps

  • Start in the bottom position of the squat with your hips below your knees
  • As you jump up, pull your legs toward your chest so your knees are above your hips 

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