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HYROX Home Series Workout #3

Fifty Shades


"Fifty Shades of … Homeworkout” is a timed workout that consist of 4 movements with 50 reps each. Complete 50 reps as quick as possible of each movement (in the given order) before you move on to the next exercise. For the Burpees you need and item that is approx. 27cm or 10.5 inches high.


Your score is the final time. Example: You finished in 6 Minutes and 20 Seconds. Your score is 00:06:20


Sit Ups

  • Start in an upright sitting position
  • Your legs are bent and your soles touch
  • Each rep starts with your back and hands touching the floor
  • When you sit up reach forward with your arms, upright chest and touch your feet
  • In the upper position, your shoulders have to be past the hip bone.



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees
  • When standing back up hips and knees must be fully extended


Push Ups

  • Start with your arms extended in the top position of the push up
  • Lower your chest and thighs to the ground until your chest touches the ground
  • At the top position your elbows have to lock out and your arms have to be fully extended


Burpees over Something*

  • Start in an upright standing position facing the item
  • Place hands close to your feet
  • In the bottom position your chest has to touch the ground
  • Jump over the item
  • Jump and land with both feet at the same time 


* For the Burpees you need and item that is approx. 27cm or 10.5 inches high.