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HYROX Home Series Workout #2

How Far Can You Go


Each round consists of 10 Squats immediately followed by an increasing number of Burpees, starting with 1 Burpee in round 1. At the top of each minute complete the squats and add an additional Burpee. The goal of „How Far Can You Go“ is to try to complete the number of squats and burpees within the minute .The workout is over, once you cannot complete the given rep scheme within 1 minute.


Your score is the total rep count of all reps including your last round. Example: You started Minute 7 but only managed to complete 16 reps instead of the designated 17 reps.
Add all reps together
Round 1 = 11
Round 2 = 12
Round 3 = 13
Round 4 = 14
Round 5 = 15
Round 6 = 16
Round 7 = 16
Your score is 97



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • Place hands close to your feet
  • In the bottom position your chest has to touch the ground, as you jump back up, your hands have to touch behind or above your head.
  • Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees
  • When standing back up hips and knees must be fully extended