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HYROX Home Series Workout #1



All You Got consists of 4x 2 Minutes of Max Effort work with 1 Minute of rest in between. Within the 2 Minutes you have to complete as many repetitions as possible of the given exercise. Each rep equals 1 count while each lunge per leg counts as 1 rep.


Your Score is the total total rep count of all movements combined.
Example: You did 20 Burpees, 30 Squats, 25 Sit Ups and 40 Lunges (total).
Then your score is 115



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • Place hands close to your feet
  • In the bottom position your chest has to touch the ground, as you jump back up, your hands have to touch behind or above your head.
  • Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump



  • Start in an upright standing position
  • At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees
  • When standing back up hips and knees must be fully extended


Sit Ups

  • Start in an upright sitting position
  • Your legs are bent and your soles touch
  • Each rep starts with your back and hands touching the floor
  • When you sit up reach forward with your arms, upright chest and touch your feet
  • In the upper position, your shoulders have to be past the hip bone.



  • The lunges are alternating in-place lunges
  • Start in an upright standing position
  • One leg steps forward and initates the lunge
  • Lower yourself until your back knee touches the floor
  • Return with your forward leg to the start position and switch legs
  • Your knees and hips must be extended before switching legs