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HYROX competition – what is the average time?

Average Time

So here is the thing:

While the best athletes of the 19/20 season focus on the World Championships of Fitness in Berlin on april 4th, for 90% of all HYROX family members the season is coming to an end with Munich and Los Angeles being the last stops of the open HYROX events this season.

Time to look back and dare a specific view on average times as well as our major surprises, far away from the podium spots and World Cup qualifications. 

One fact keeps overwhelming us: more than 95% of our participants who show up at the starting line, finish the competition. That does not only show how fit, healthy and competitive the HYROX family is, it also showcases that HYROX is the most healthiest sport in the fitness world. 

When it comes to the finisher times we have a big range from some “out of this world athletes” who finished in less than an hour, to athletes who needed more than three hours, who are at least as respected from everyone, for not giving up, and fighting their way through the competition. 

With that being said, we want to have a closer understanding of how the average times of all categories vary. Let's start with the HYROX men and women. 

The HYROX women need 1:38:02 in average. With the World Record being 36 minutes faster than the average athlete. The HYROX men are 3 minutes faster in average. 1:35:00 is the medium time. Surprisingly the World Record is “only” about 33 minutes faster. Both categories combine about 40% of all HYROX participants. 

When we look at the doubles there is a very big difference between HYROX men doubles and HYROX mixed and women double.The HYROX Men Doubles ripped everything apart with the average time being an incredible 1:19:22. Just 24 minutes shy of the World Record in this category. But the women and mixed doubles were also very fast with times under 1:30 in average. 47% of all participants were DOUBLES athletes.

And last but not least we want to peak at the PRO athletes. The women average a time of 1:31:22 with the world record being 26 minutes faster and the men even made an average time of 1:30:41, which is 33 minutes slower than the World Record. 

Above all, we saw amazing athletes and an approximate overall average time of 1:30:00. 

We are very confident that we can not only grow the HYROX family, but also improve the average times next season with most of our athletes participating again and breaking their personal best times. 

We hope you are all on the right track to reach your goals and beat whatever time you are aiming to achieve.  And most importantly: Never give up. 

Average Times

HYROX Men   1:35:00
HYROX Women   1:38:02
HYROX Men DOUBLES   1:19:22
HYROX Women DOUBLES   1:28:43
HYROX Mixed DOUBLES   1:25:26
HYROX PRO Men   1:30:41
HYROX PRO Women   1:31:22