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Healthiest Sport in the World – HYROX


At HYROX, we are extremely proud of the Family that we created within the fitness community. Our HYROX Family is continuously growing because of the results and feelings that participants gain from competing in our events. 

HYROX is meant to focus on an athlete’s whole body, not just one specific asset they might have. At a single event, a participant utilizes their functional training, high-intensity interval training, and classic endurance. The reason that we have so many competitors who choose to return and participate in multiple events is because the exercises work out every muscle in your body. HYROX is not meant to be a struggle, but an event that challenges you, while also focusing on your natural abilities. 

When it comes to training for a HYROX event, you do not need to do any exaggerated workouts to be prepared. At events, the exercises that you participate in, are all based on natural movements that a person begins to develop at birth. Lifting, pushing, kneeling, carrying, jumping, and even running, are all things that most people do on a daily basis, without even thinking about it. Of course at events, these tasks are amplified and meant for you to feel the burn, but the basic idea of them is that they are things that one can do with minimal training. The all around idea, though, is that you are getting the best, most productive workout for your body.

At HYROX, everyone around the world competes in the same exact event. Other than the weights of the sled push, sled pull, kettle bells, sandbags, and wall balls differing for the men’s and women’s divisions, every participant is doing the same race and getting the same workout. 

HYROX claims the title of “Healthiest Sport in the World,” because of the 95% finishing rate at all events. Of course, the participants deserve the credit for finishing the event and being healthy and fit, but the strategy in picking each event allows for the best possible outcome for everybody involved. All of your muscles are being worked out evenly, making this workout extremely satisfying and effective. 

For those who have participated in events, you know how great your body feels after this workout. Yes, you might be exhausted from pushing and challenging yourself, but the pride you feel in yourself, and the way your body feels, far surpasses that exhaustion. 

We will never re-define ourselves when it comes to the message that we relay to the HYROX Family, we will always continuously encourage this community to properly push themselves in terms of fitness.