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Tom Schlegel 12
New York City

New York City



NICKS is a HYROX Doubles workout, that you should complete in a 2-person-team. 

Just like the HYROX Doubles competition, use the principle „YGIG“ (You Go I Go) which means, Doubles Team Member 1 (DTM1) works, while DTM 2 rests and vice versa. 

NICKS begins and ends with 1000 m Run/Row/Ski followed by 2 rounds of 100 m Sandbag Lunges, KB Farmers Carry, and Burpee Broad Jumps each.

The 2-person-team needs to complete the entire distance per exercise before moving on to the next exercise. It is entirely up to the team to decide the split of cal/reps, however we recommend a split of 250 m Run/Row/Ski part, 10-20 m for Sandbag Lunges and Burpee Broad Jumps, as well as 20-40 m for Farmers Carry.

As far as the Run/Row/Ski part, pick one exercise that needs the most improvement. For Sandbag Lunges use competition weight and for KB Farmers Carry, go as heavy as possinnle. The time cap for NICKS is 45 minutes.

If you want to complete NICKS as an individual athlete, reduce all distances by half.

Scaling: You can scale NICKS by reducing all distances by half and if necessary adjust the weights. 


  1. Tim Schröder 01:01:39
  2. Johann-Sebastian Diemann 01:03:21
  3. Max Flade 01:03:30


  1. Sabrina Röthig 01:06:52
  2. Annika Seefeld 01:07:47
  3. Nele Lang (GER) 01:07:51

HYROX Pro Women

  1. Sarah Kholti (GER) 01:05:33
  2. Imke Salander (GER) 01:08:08
  3. Rebecca Naether (GER) 01:09:15


  1. Lukas Storath (GER) 00:58:39
  2. Tobias Lautwein (Ger) 00:58:39
  3. Hunter Mcintyre 01:00:27

HYROX Doubles Men

  1. Lukas Fröhner, Max Flade 00:56:05
  2. Christoph Uhl, Holger Körner (GER) 00:56:09
  3. Johannes Neusser, Martin Dambauere (AUT) 00:56:15

HYROX Doubles Women

  1. Lisa Düngfelder, Magdalena Schubert 01:01:32
  2. Manuela Staelberg, Marisa Staelberg (GER) 01:04:07
  3. Sara Lambing, Sandra Beier (GER) 01:04:35

HYROX Doubles Mixed

  1. Julien Hagel, Claudia Wipfler (GER) 00:56:56
  2. Thomas Valtl, Sarah Pörschmann (GER) 01:00:31
  3. Agnes Schulz, Joshua Wichtrup (GER) 01:00:43

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World Championships Berlin


30 Minute AMRAP

One round of LEWIS consists of 1500 m Row, 50 Lunges, 500 m Ski Erg, 50 Squats, 500 m Run, and 50 Push Ups which repeats for the duration of 30 minutes. For exercises Row, Ski Erg and Running, try to find a pace that you can maintain throughout the entire workout. As far as the bodyweight exercises, try to go for as many unbroken reps as possible.

Scaling: You can scale LEWIS by reducing the AMRAP from 30 to 15 minutes or by decreasing the reps and distances by half.